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The Best Care for Life Campaign 2008-2013: Goal surpassed!

The major fundraising campaign of the Lachine Hospital Foundation exceeded its initial goal of $ 3 million. Initiated in 2008, it is indeed a little over 3.1 million dollars in donations and commitments over 5 years that has been raised from individuals, businesses, professionals, staff and foundations. This amount will complement the commitment made by the government of Quebec to devote approximately $55 million to expand and upgrade the hospital centre.

By this success and this community mobilization, it is a sign of confidence quite unique that has been made in promoting our health facility.

The Lachine Hospital, which has been affiliated with the McGill University Health Centre since 2008, is currently undergoing unprecedented revitalization. As part of the major project to redeploy the McGill University Health Centre, the Lachine Campus (as it is now known) will:


  • A triple centre of excellence in
    • geriatric care
    • bariatric surgery
    • ophthalmology


  • 79 rooms (79 beds, therefore only one patient per room)
    • almost twice as many active beds
    • twice as many beds in palliative care
  • 3 times more space in the emergency room
  • A new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device
  • 30 % more floor space
  • A permanent fibre-optic connection with centres located downtown
  • A new cafeteria featuring a terrace for an even more hospitable working environment

$3.1 million for another 100 years of excellent service to the community!

The Lachine Hospital was established in 1913 and has a rich history and deep roots in the West Island community. Over the years, the hospital has also been known as Saint-Joseph Hospital and the Lachine Hospital Centre, but one thing has remained constant: its firm commitment to excellent patient care that has led to its recent alliance with the McGill University Health Centre.

With the $3 million that the Foundation aims to raise with the help of generous donors, local and regional businesses, and health care professionals, the Lachine Campus will be able to purchase the state-of-the-art medical technology required by its mission to be a triple centre of excellence and its commitment to providing superior-quality patient care.

As a result of upgrades at the Lachine Campus, the number of yearly bariatric surgical operations at the McGill University Health Centre will triple and 400 people suffering from the effects of obesity will receive care on an outpatient basis. Over 5,000 cataract cases will be treated every year thanks to newly recruited ophthalmologists and support staff; other eye specialists will also be hired to treat glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. The hospital will provide a range of multidisciplinary services in geriatric care to enhance quality of life for seniors, including long-term care offered at the Camille-Lefebvre pavilion.

While remaining true to its community focus, our hospital – now affiliated with the McGill University Health Centre – will be able to provide other important health care services that were not previously available within the community. By making a financial contribution to this major project, we will ensure access to high-quality health care in our community over the long term.

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Projet 2008-2013
Campagne 2008-2013 - Objectif dépassé!
La campagne majeure de financement de la Fondation de l'Hôpital de Lachine a dépassé son objectif initial de 3 millions de dollars.

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Venetian Ball
Le Bal vénitien 2015
Le samedi 2 mai. 150 000 $ récoltés
au Bal vénitien de la Fondation de l'Hôpital
de Lachine.

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